Why The Phis Dont Need Matt Holliday(Originally Posted on My FB 7/30/08)

Pat EganCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 06:  Joe Blanton #56 of the Philadelphia Phillies walks off the field against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on June 6, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The Dodgers defeated the Phillies 3-2 in 12 innings.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

I sent an email to a friend and i figured i would voice my frustration on facebook. Thank you copy and past button

1) I think the Joe Blanton deal was phenomenal: Yes CC Sabathia would have been better but im sorry the Phillies have a speedy young OF in Greg Golson who strikes out as much as Ryan Howard. The Indians wanted Matt Laporta and nothing but Laporta and the Brewers didnt even blink about giving him up and for two reasons. exhibit A) He can play LF which is currently occupied by ROTY Ryan Braun. exhibit B) He can play 1B currently occupied by Prince Fielder. In short the Brewers had no where to put Laporta who was ranked i believe as their second best prospect. The Phillies too gave up their second best prospect in Adrian Cardenas who, from what i can gather, his name has been changed to "our #2 best prospect" since most didnt seem to know his name. Ive called up your show before and weve talked about Cardenas and both of us couldnt figure out why he hadnt been moved to third. I said that the drafting of Hewitt mean Cardenas would be gone. But people need to stop focusing on the fact that he was highly rated and look at the Brewers situation with Laporta. Cardenas can play 2b. Last time i checked that position is locked up. He may be able to play SS O another position thats set and the Phillies dont think he can make the throw to play 3b. Just like Laporta, he was highly rated but his road to the show was blocked but the stars of now even though he is a star of the future. With Sabathia he is gone after this year and while most teams would love to get the #1 draft choice (pending on the team being in the bottom half of baseball) and the comp pick he still wont be playing in Milwaulkee. Blanton is locked up here for i believe the next two years. The reason this is so important is because going into next year the only deffinites to be in your starting rotation are Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick and Joe Blanton. For a team in a city that always wants pitching Pat Gillick set us up nicely for the future. Burnett, while i think has tons of talent, was a mess. If he pitched badly he could cost you the playoffs and stay here f or i think 14 mill a season. If he pitches good he is gone and unlike Sabathia you dont get comp picks because he opted out, you cant offer him arbitration. Rich Harden had injury problems and can you blame a team who just a year ago spent 10 mill for one win to be a bit weary of a pitcher with injury problems? All in all the Blanton deal was a postive step

2) Matt Holliday and Brian Fuentas for Shane Victorino, Carlos Carrascco, Lou Marson, JA Happ. For some reason people are mad this deal didnt go down and even though its fairly evident that it wont happen people will still call up mad that Pat Gillick didnt get this deal done. My guess is that the Phillies said no and if i were Pat Gillick i would have laughed and then hung up. My main question to people who wanted Holliday was "where are you going to play him?" You have a LF in Burrell who is slow but i think he is OK defensivly even though Manuel disagrees. Then there is Holliday who is god awful. Becuase he is faster than Burrell you would have to put Holliday in RF and move Werth to CF. so with this trade you sacrifice not only speed at the top of your lineup and in CF and the glove Victorino brings but you force Jayson Werth to play everyday CF which is something im not ready for and in the mean time have a Butcher LF playing RF. Then your mortgage your future in Lou Marson. Most people, i would think, would say the position that needs to be addresed the most is catcher. So you want to trade your future stud, A guy who has the highest OBP on the team and hits over 300 for once again a butcher with a bat. The next best catching prospect they have is Travis D'Arnuad in Lakewood who was taken with a comp pick. HE IS IN LAKEWOOD. so by doing this deal, barring a FA signing, you have guaranteed yourself at least 2 years of Carlos Ruiz (who had a nice game tonight) Im fine with trading Carrassco but im not ready to give up all this for Holliday and Fuentas especially because its already determined, i think, that Romero will be your setup man. So your giving up the future for a 7th innning guy and a butcher who will be playing out of position. Now granted i dont want to make it sound like the team couldnt benefit from Holliday. Offensively they would be improving yes but this team, in my opinion is fine in that department and i dont like giving up the speed that Victorino has or the gun in CF that he posses as well.

Sorry for the book and the fact that this may be a week late but i think this team is fine the way it is. Even if Myers struggles they throw Happ into the rotation. Speaking of which where are all the people who hated Happ. Who thought that they way he pitched in his one game last year was the way he would pitch every outing? Guess they went on vacation