The Future: A Tennessee Vols Blog Gets off the Ground

Sports FanCorrespondent IMay 12, 2008

No, that headline is not a Kelly Washington reference.

Alright, it seems some change will be taking place here at the UT Vols Football in the upcoming weeks.

We start out with the Top Vol Blog Awards rolling out Thursday, May 15th. As for change to the site, we will reveal a new header for the site, made by the very talented Sabanocchio.

We're also thinking about making the switch to Wordpress, which is another blog network that seems to have more functions and a better setup for a growing blog like ours.

Relating it to the Top Vol Blog awards, five of the six are run in Wordpress. We'd like to hear your feedback on this, either in the comments section or by email at

You could help in making this decision easier and where we want to go as a site.