Schumacher Returns? Who Cares!

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - APRIL 02:  Michael Schumacher, seven-time Formula 1 world champion, attends a press conference to  launch Bacardi's Global Resposibility Campaign in Schumacher's function as Global Social Responsibility Ambassador, at Autoworld Brussels on April 02, 2008 in Brussels, Belgium. (Photo By Mark Renders/Getty Images)

Shumacher is back. Everybody is excited. But is he good enough ? Maybe not, and here is why -

Too old to rock n roll

Age and fitness plays a major part in any sports and Formula One is no exception. Shumi has stayed retired for some time now and the G Force did not. It is not something we can get used to in a week's time. Physical fitness of a person is very important for such long and strenuous drives and the Ferrari car is not exactly as comfy as first class seat aboard Lufthansa nor does it have the mystical power to transform the person to become physically fitter. (Hey it did work for Prince Adam to become He Man).

The Cars have changed

When Schumacher was still driving in formula one, the cars had electronic aids that helped the driver a lot. Sadly it was taken away and  a few weeks is too little a time for someone to get used to driving in a racing atmosphere without such aids.

Opportunity Wasted

Ferrari could have used this chance to try out some of their upcoming talents to take a trial at the Formula 1 race to help them gain valuable experience. Instead they rely on a veteran who is not going to make any impact for them in the future - Unless Shumacher plans to race for another year or so.

The Party is Over

Button is too far ahead in the Drivers standing for any Ferrari driver to touch him unless something terrible happens to him. Mark Webber is the closest rival. Brawn GP have a really good car , top the Constructors list and only a miracle can help Toyota now. In other words, this season is inconsequential for Toyota and their drivers, and they only have their pride (and champagne) to drive for.

Will the bad guy please stand up ?

Michael Shumacher Versus ? In the past it was Mika Hakkinen and no matter whom you supported the clash was something to look forward to, but this year the rivalry is a new and developing one, between Button and Webber. Infact the rivalry that is making headlines today is FOTA VS FIA.

So what will Shumachers return bring to us in terms of racing ? a little bit of nostalgia...nothing more !