Hey Broads, Do you Want FREE Things?

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

O and Will Hall would've "dated" you if you wore a RFB shirt.

Are you a human female? Do you like the Brewers? Have “yes” answers to the previous two questions led you to owning a Right Field Bleachers shirt? Then, holy f-ing shitbombz, do we have a deal for you ladies!

Remember that OurFB contest from a week back where you could win free Brewers items such as SportsBubbler.com and Right Field Bleachers shirts, a totally (kewt!) Brewers handbag, some stupid ass Brewers keychain from WholeSaleKeychain.com, some handmade jasmine-scented Brewers soap made by me, Tyler of RFB and Bugs & Cranks fame - AND MORE? Of course you don’t; you didn’t enter. No women entered.

Because we love the ladies, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for OurFB submissions from females until Monday, the same day winners will be announced. For details, look HERE. Winning entry (likely first and only entry) will win free stuff and will forever be immortalized for their good fashion sense on our Gear page.

Hurry. I don’t have all day. (Editor’s note: I actually DO have all day, but still… c’mon!)