Michael Vick Is Worth the Risk for the Miami Dolphins

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - AUGUST 27:  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick speaks to reporters at the Omni Richmond Hotel after agreeing to a guilty plea on charges stemming from his involvement in a dogfighting ring August 27, 2007, in Richmond, Virginia.  (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

There is plenty of hubbub as to where Michael Vick should end up. There's even a list on ESPN, Dolphins included, of teams that say they are not interested. They all supposedly fear the fallout from PETA or dog lovers everywhere

Meanwhile Vick is working with the Humane Society and anyone else he can to try to raise awareness on and eradicate dog fighting all together.

I don't want to sit here and applaud his sins. The man clearly should not have been engaging in those activities.

However, and not like an everyman, he fessed up for what he did and spent 23 months in a correctional facility that most couldn't even last a day in, unless of course you earned your ride there. Then of course you have no choice.

That being said, Vick has paid his dues, and if his talent is anywhere close to where it was, then he deserves a shot as a law-abiding citizen to resume his life the best he can.

If he starts winning, the dog lovers in his community won't be ecstatic, but you better believe they will be happy about the W's in the ole column.

For this reason, I think Michael Vick would be a steal for the Dolphins. We wouldn't even have to release anybody important, and the originators of the wildcat in essence would have the most ideal quarterback for the formation besides the ideal rookie quarterback we already have.

We could sign Vick as a "RB" or "WR" when clearly he is a QB to save roster space, and with rumors saying his best offers are from the veteran minimum or $2 million for a year, this could be a steal for one of the most talented QBs to ever play the game. If his skill set diminished, you cut him like any other player without a huge cap hit.

It sickens me to know that the Patriots lead the way in signing him as well when for the past three seasons and including this season, the Patriots have made the most significant free agent offseason moves in NFL history. Letting them have Michael Vick and run the offense we originated into this league on us makes me want to pull what little hair I have out.

There is no way that for the pennies we can have him for now we can let New England, which really needs no help at this point except on the O-line, have Tom I won't finish his name for personal discrepancies and Michael Vick. NO WAY!

The Dolphins should play possum to see who comes close to signing him and snag him for the highest he'll get and the lowest we can get him for. It's a win-win for all of those involved.

It gives the Dolphins the truest talent for the wildcat formation, it keeps the Patriots from turning into Dragonzord or Megazord or some other mythical creature bent on world domination, and it makes our team way more talented than it already is.

It would add some veteran leadership to the locker room and raise awareness about a topic of relevance in a community that probably ignores or even encourages such action.

I don't see anything wrong with picking up another Pat White, except that Vick's no untried rookie. He's the only QB to beat Brett Favre at his home in the playoffs...sounds like a winner to me!

Tony Sparano, do us all a favor and tell Bill Parcells to SIGN HIM!