Can the Cyborg Beat the Pretty Face?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2009

Upon discovering the Bleacher Report back in the winter of 2007, I was attracted to the articles written by a very tough, young woman MMA fighter, Jen Aniano.

She had a pretty face, was articulate, intelligent, and wanted to promote her sport. I became a fan before I fully realized that there was very little on which we could agree.

Still, I loved to read her articles which eventually led me to becoming a writer here myself. In more than one way, Jen changed my whole life.

Arguing points about MMA with her motivated me to begin to write so that I could express my own opinion on our shared love of MMA. After all, there was plenty of room on B/R for opposing opinions.

Jen was still an undergraduate taking journalism courses. Today she is pursuing her masters degree, and still she continues to fight. We are "friends" on Facebook and I enjoy tracking her progress and watching her fights on YouTube. Someday, I hope to see her fighting live on TV. If she is ever on a PPV, I will certainly be buying it.

One of the small things we disagree on is Gina Carano. Anyone who follows articles here on Women in MMA will recognize that I am a Carano fan and Jen is not. That is OK though, because like I have said, we don't agree on many things. One can still respect another's differing opinion.

Now Cyborg has a great reputation as being a swift and brutal competitor in the cage. She has BJJ skills and shows no mercy in her striking or submission skills.

It is my understanding that they will be fighting five minute rounds rather than the usual three minute rounds (for women). This is being promoted as having the potential for a down and dirty fight.

After the enthusiasm shown for the women's fights that were displayed on CBS during the Elite XC days, I have no doubt that this will be a blockbuster event that will go down in women's MMA history. I can't wait to see it.

There may be some problems, though. Jen would be quick to mention the difficulty that Carano has had in the past with making weight. The men at the weigh ins did not seem to mind as she was forced to strip naked to make weight. Though towels were held up as screens for her modesty's sake, people joked about the "peeking" that occurred.

Well, fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, Cyborg has had her own weight problems and fought her last fight against a much lighter fighter after coming in five pounds overweight. Maybe because she claimed to be on her period, she did not have to forfeit the fight. It was a route and she decimated her opponent.

People are expecting both women to go at each other with a vengeance. Carano has been faulted for not having the strength or ability of her opponent. Considered to be just a "pretty face", Carano is not given the respect she deserves.

Naturally, my money is on Gina Carano. 

So we are left with my question: Will Cyborg be able to beat the young woman with the pretty face and laughing eyes, or will the pretty face be redeemed and shock the world by beating Christiane "Cyborg" Santos? 

For opposing views, please check out Jen Aniano's story.