Food Lion Advertises Super Bowl Promotion by Talking Trash to Fans

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterNovember 21, 2014


Food Lion has launched an aggressive social media campaign Friday advertising its Super Bowl giveaway.

The promotion offers two tickets to the 2015 Super Bowl, which wouldn't be unique if it weren't for the part where Food Lion is telling fans that their team is bad, but they should get over it and sign up to win tickets.

Food Lion sent out a series of tweets consoling fans (many with teams in the playoff hunt) over the future disappointment they will experience this season. All of the tweets have since been deleted, but here's what they originally said:

These are bold words coming from the Goodwill of grocery stores Food Lion, a smaller supermarket chain based in North Carolina where the Panthers are struggling just to keep Cam Newton's limbs mostly attached.

Incredibly, most shoppers/fans haven't reacted positively to the grocery store and its apparent decision to hire Don Rickles to run its social media campaign.

Food Lion then bristled and responded to angry fans with completely incorrect math.

Food Lion has issued a tepid apology of sorts.

It should be noted that the tweets/Facebook posts and ensuing apology happened in the span of 20 or so minutes Friday morning, leading one to believe this was a carefully crafted shock tactic intended to do just what it did: anger people and drum up publicity.

So we all were just part and parcel to Food Lion's attempt to mine personal-consumer info and bump up reward-card subscription in time for Thanksgiving.

Happy holidays, Corporate America!


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