I'm Back and I'm Better Than Ever!

The One You FearCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

 I'm back to B/R after a took a 3 month brake! I decided to come back and help the Wrestling community to become the best community on B/R.

 As always i will be writing about wrestling, but sometimes i'll go here and there to write about something else than wrestling, for example i would write about NBA or MLB.

  My last article has been written about 3 months ago! But this time i will try my best to publish an article everyday or at least 5 or 4 articles a week.

 Now i say thank you to everyone that have been reading, commenting and supporting my articles and i hope you still do.

 This is just a really short article that i wanted to put together to let everyone know that I'm back to B/R.