Never Thought I'd Say This.... Arod Is a True Man

william beovichContributor IJuly 30, 2009

BOSTON - APRIL 11:  Alex Rodriguez (c) of the New York Yankees talks with David Ortiz (l) of the Boston Red Sox and teammate Johnny Damon (r) before the game on April 11, 2008 at Feway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez more than any person that I can think of in sports is criticized to the extreme, whether it is deserved or not.

However his biggest criticism has come in recent months about taking steroids. After it leaked out that he had taken steroids, he had a interview with Peter Gammons and took what he deserved and answered all the questions.

Sosa? He won't talk about it. Ortiz? He probably will forget how to speak english all of a sudden now. And Manny? Well he's still just going to be Manny so let's not expect much out of him.

I will come out and say that I have never liked Alex Rodriguez, even before the steroids came into play. However when I was watching that interview with Gammons I remember thinking to myself that he is being a man about the situation.

He cheated, and was caught, end of story. However unlike people who are saying they are not here to talk about the past or say they have no comment, Arod sat there and said it all. 

For weeks he took the criticism for what he did and all the while he took it because he knew it was what he deserved. What everyone else needs to do whose name leaks out from this list is to do what Arod did. Don't go into this whole big thing about how it's wrong and what not.

No, stand there and do what Alex Rodriguez did. Admit what you did and why you did it and say how sorry..... and take it like a man.