Minnesota Twins Top Central Division Again in '08

Danny DevineCorrespondent IMay 12, 2008

Well another season and the Twins are leading the Central again.

All they do is produce talent, trade those players away and rebuild winners. They play the game right and play more of an old school kind of ball Hit and runs, sacrifice bunts, and use their farm system very well.          

Ask anyone on their predictions for the Central champ and they would have told you Tigers or Indians.  Most saying the pathetic Tigers and others saying the Indians may slip in there. Everyone seemed to be saying that the Twins had no chance in hell to get in or even finish .500.

I even heard one person on television say that the Kansas City Royals may finish in front of them. I almost threw the remote at the television set. That guy is probably fired now.          

Taking three out of four from the Champs and sweeping the best team ever, the Detroit Whiners. Take a look at the Twins' stats, yea I know there very boring. Joe Mauer doing his normal thing, namely, hitting the cover off the ball, and Joe Nathan just being the best closer no one gives any credit too.

Quick, name the best closer in baseball...no one probably thought of smoking Joe.

Their stats are not amazing or anything special, but they play hard and never quit. If you think playing hard doesn’t matter you watch a Yankees game and see how hard they run to first (besides Jeter) and then watch the Twins; let's see what you have to say then.          

Losing Johan and Hunter were huge losses, but it looks like the Twins are going to keep on keeping on. Liriano will be back soon and will help that rotation and bullpen.

Sorry for all you Tigers and Indians fans better luck next season.

PS- good start, Justin Verlander, ha-ha.