The Washington Redskins

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The Washington Redskins
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      The Washington Redskins, their such a good, solid football team. But they've done bad for the past five years. For the past five years they haven't won any playoff games, or they haven't won enough games, so they don't even go to the playoffs. If they don't win plaoof games they will never go to the SuperBowl. THe Redskins Have a lot of good star player on the team for example: Santana Moss, Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, Colt Brennan, Devin Thomas, Kelly Malcom, Laron Laundry and Carlos Rogers. However, out of the offensive player's only three of them start games. We need new players, and who want to play the game because they love it, not players who don't love the game and just play for money.

     Since the Redskins haven't done well in the last five years, they can't go to the SuperBowl. The Redskins always begin good. They win thier first six or seven games but then they lose the rest of thier games, and cant make it to the playoffs. When the Redskins do go to the playoffs they dont win, so they dont go to the SuperBowl. The solution that I think that would solve all the games that Redskins lose is: start the best line men so they can protect the quarter back. Bench all the old recievers besides Santana Moss and start Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly. If the Owner was smart enough he would sign Micahel Vick and start him at quarter back and bench Jason Campbell. The owner most then likely won't do that, so the coach should start Colt Brennan over Jason Campbell. Also so the Redskins can stop the other team from scoring, the defensive coordinator should come up with a new defensive scheme.

     If the Redskins start the two new wide recievers, Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly that will solve the drop passes, and they will be alot faster and quicker on the field then the old recievers. IF they sign Michael Vick that will decrease the number of sacks the other team gets on us, because Vick has the speed of a running back, so he would be able role out of the pocket and scramble for yards. If they dont sign Vick, they should start Clot Brennan, which will result in better passing IQ, and better accuracy. The Redskins should consider this plan. Then they can win a lot more games and maybe make it to the SuperBowl.

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