Jameer Nelson Guarantees Win for Orlando Magic

Greg DraperContributor IMay 12, 2008

Over the years, there have been many guarantees in sports. But, the notable have come from star players.

For instance, Rasheed Wallace guaranteeing a game two victory over the Pacers a few years ago. But, this year the guarantee comes from Jameer Nelson. Who, at best, is an average point guard.

Nelson guarantees a game five victory over the Pistons.

Granted, the Magic have played the Pistons very well in this series. But Nelson is in now position to guarantee, especially when his team is on the verge of elimination.

My point is Nelson is not a star player. He should not be guaranteeing anything. He should be more focused on how exploit an injured Chauncey Billups.

It would be one thing if this came from Dwight Howard, the team’s star. But instead it comes from a guy who will be, at best, a role player.

This would be like David Tyree guaranteeing a victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl.