Danny DevineCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

TAMPA, FL - OCTOBER 2: Wide receiver Jessie Hester #87 of the University of South Florida Bulls grabs a fourth-quarter touchdown pass against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Raymond James Stadium on October 2, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The team that I know most about is the University of South Florida Bulls. This team is apart of the Big East conference.  The Bulls are a team that has excelled faster then anyone would have ever expected. They were ranked second two seasons ago.  They have been in the Big East hunt for the past couple seasons.  If not for their bad road play and horrible breaks they may have won the Big East title twice.  A prime example of the bad break was the “so called” no fumble during the USF verse Rutgers game.  An official apologizing is no help; it’s simply adding salt to an open wound.

The team has more talent than ever. With an All Big East hopeful QB in Matt Grothe and, in my opinion, the best D-end in college football George Selvie; the team is well on its way to winning the Big East conference.  Everyone knows that stars are the thing fans cheer for, but role players are what make the team great.  The Bulls have a few other good players, such as senior safety Nate Allen and sophomore defensive tackle Terrell McClain.  Allen should also be an All Big East selection, because he is a player that possesses many aspects of the game.  He not only plays the run well, but he can also tackle and is great at coverage.  McClain is always in the backfield, which in return, makes him a run stopping machine and will make the Big East quarterbacks and running backs life a nightmare.  On offensive there are good players as well.  Examples include Mike Ford, Dontavia Bogan, Jessie Hester Jr, A.J. Love, and Carlton Mitchell.  Ford is an offensive monster that every opponent in the Big East will fear.  With size and speed working to his advantage, he creates the perfect running back.  At receiver the Bulls are stacked.  Jessie Hester Jr. (cousin of Devin Hester), A.J. Love, Dontavia Bogan, and Carlton Mitchell are easily the best group you will find in the Big East.  The multiple combinations of those four receivers are what make the Bulls’ offense dangerous.

Scheduling is something that is always important for any team’s success.  This holds true for the Bulls. With home games verse other Big East contenders, such as Cincinnati and West Virginia, the Bulls will have the upper hand playing at Raymond James Stadium.  Also with the departures of LeSean McCoy from Pittsburg and Donald Brown from Connecticut, those two road games will be less challenging.  This season we will also see if the power has changed from Florida State and Miami to the USF Bulls. Those games will be the first of many between those opponents.

The three things that need to happen for the Bulls to have a winning and successful season in 2009-10 are as follows:

1)      Matt Grothe needs to play consistent.  He has the great ability to make opponents miss their tackles, and he can make an accurate throw on the run.  He needs to rush less and keep his interceptions below ten.

2)      Defensive backs need to play the deep pass better.  Nate Allen is consistent, but the other defensive backs need to improve.  They play the run well and attack screens and slants, but the deep ball killed them all season last year.  Look at the tape of the Cincinnati game.

3)      Offensive line needs to protect from the blitz.  The pocket must stand their ground in order to protect Matt Grothe.  He can only dodge so many tackles on his own.  The up the middle blitz killed them last season and also hurt Grothe’s ability to run on a broken play.  Not only does this fall on the defensive line, but the running backs as well.  The running backs must be prepared to step in and stop any player who gets passed the offensive line.

The Bulls are looking for their first Big East title and an invitation to a major bowl game this up coming season.  It will be an exciting season to say the least and everyone here in Tampa, Florida is hoping to see the Bulls make it a winning one.