Kyle Wellwood Staying Put in Van City: How Leafs and Fans Lost Out

Scotty HockeybumsContributor IJuly 29, 2009

The Vancouver Canucks have re-signed forward Kyle Wellwood, who last year showed up at camp with a stunning resemblance to a man that goes by the name of "Fat Bastard." Since starting his "Pro Career" in the American League, Wellwood's been under the terrible spotlight of expectations.

His 87-point campaign in 2004-05 with the St. John's Maple Leafs of the AHL set him up for expectations beyond what the normal human would be up against. He put up some decent numbers in his first two seasons and was on top of cloud nine. Enter stage left, the 2007-08 NHL season and, without going into detail, a woeful 21 points in 58 games.

Unbelievably, out of nowhere comes a miracle: A team still wanted him and was willing to give him a chance. Salutations, Toronto. Thanks for saving my ass, Vancouver.

While only posting 27 points in 74 games, Wellwood had a decent, un-spectacular year. He was somewhat relied on for a few faceoff situations and stepped up in some times of need.

Look, T.O., not everyone's a superstar.