Indianapolis Colts: Mike Hart Another Sixth Round Gem?

JOHN HENDERSONContributor IMay 12, 2008

Could we once again, see another 6th round gem in the making? Or is it simply what happens in college, stays in college?

The knock on this player is that he is small, he is injury ridden, or he doesn't have the speed.

I would like to take the time to state that I personally feel the Indianapolis Colts have found a diamond in the rough with the recent drafting of Michigan's all time leading rusher in Mike Hart.

Mike Hart proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was and can be a productive runner weither it be on a collegiate level, or professional level.

Here is a breakdown of Mike Hart's individual rushing totals throughout his career as a wolverine.

2004, 1455 yds., 5.2 yds. per carry, 9 touchdowns.

2005, 662 yds. 4.4 yds. per carry, 4 touchdowns. (injury shortened season).

2006, 1,562 yds. 4.9 yds. per carry, 14 touchdowns.

2007, 1,361 yds. 5.1 yds. per carry , 14 touchdowns. 

Once again, my opinion, now that's production. Did I state that Mike Hart carried the pigskin almost 1,000 consecutive times without a lost fumble.

I look forward to seeing Mike Hart on the field, I feel it is just a matter of time before he earns a spot on a roster, perhaps the Colts, or somewhere else, where he can prove all of his critics wrong.

I might recall they also said the same thing about the NFL'S all time leading rusher, and soon to be Hall of Famer Emmit Smith.