CvC: Sable Is The Greatest Women's Champion Of All Time

T johnsonCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

Whats good guys, Terrell, back again from ANOTHER vacation. Yes, I know, where do I get the money to go on all these vacations? Lets just say I'm very blessed.

But any way, this is my first Creature vs. Creature piece, and I would like to thank Shane Howard for this opportunity, and hopefully this won't be my last CvC.

In the hay day of Professional Wrestling (the 90's) one woman paved the way for a new era in Women's Wrestling, and her name is Sable.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Sable. Simply known today as Rena Lesnar, the wife of the most dominating man in Mixed-Martial Arts, Brock Lesnar.

Easily the all around Greatest Women's Wrestler of all time is also my pick for the best Women's Champion of all time.

The Queen of the ring in the 90's, and even in the early 2000's before the torch was passed on to Trish Stratus. Sable was simply the main focus in Women's Wrestling during the attitude era.

Born Rena Greek from Jacksonville Florida, she first started out as a model for Pepsi and other companies.

After marrying Marc Mero, and him making the jump from WCW to WWE, Sable would soon make herself known throughout the Wrestling World.

Sable made her debut in the WWE at Wrestlemania XII as the manager of Triple H, who then went by Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Her first major storyline, involved Mero who attacked Hunter after seeing him mistreating Sable, and after that night Sable would now manage Mero.

After an unfortunate injury, Marc Mero was sidelined from most of 1997 in to 1998. At that time Sable had become very popular, feuding with Luna, and basically just giving us a sample of  what was to come.

When Mero returned, he never allowed Sable to come to the ring and entertain the fans, he became very jealous of her.

This led to a mixed tag match at Wrestlemania 14 between, Mero and Sable vs Goldust and Luna, in which Sable would dominate, taking out Goldust, and pinning Luna after putting Luna in her patented "Sable Bomb" which in Women's Wrestling is now called the "Awesome Bomb", YUCK!

But anyway that particular match would begin the push of one of the most sexy and dominating divas in Women's Wrestling.

After quitting as Mero's manager, Sable would go on to face Luna in the first ever, Evening Gown Match, in which she would make famous in my opinion. She would lose after Mero distracted her.

Sable would then challenge Mero to a match, in my opinion she would win, after kicking him in "family jewels" and putting him in the Sable bomb. I mean Sable only weighs about 120 lbs, and she Sable bombed a 215 pound Mero at the time.. That's pretty amazing to me folks.

This would then lead to a feud with Jacqueline, Mero's new manager. The two had many encounters, including Sable's second Evening Gown Match in which she would win, wearing only hand prints on her boobs (good picture choice by me huh?) They would also Wrestle for the newly reactivated Women's Championship in which Jacqueline would win.

Sable would soon win the title from Jacqueline at Survivor Series, winning her first Women's title.

The beautiful Sable would then flaunt her beauty some more after posing for the most popular Adult magazine, PlayBoy.

After posing for PlayBoy, Sable would show how dynamic she is by turning heel. Besides Maryse, no one plays that bitch heel diva character better than Sable did in my opinion.

She would also debut her signature catch phrase before every match "This is for all the Women who want to be me, and the men who come to see me." And then doing her sexy dance "The Grind". Wooo, gives me chills just thinking about it.

But any way, Sable would go on to hold the Women's title for six months. Feuding with Tori who had idolized Sable, and her rival, the very ugly Luna.

Sable would finally lose the Women's title to Debra after holding it longer than any one else, in an Evening Gown Match. In which she would win, but then On-Screen Commissioner Shawn Michaels made changed the rules after the match by saying the first Woman to lose her clothes is the winner making Debra the new WWF Women's Champion.

After legal issues with WWE, Sable would leave the company for three years. (The three years I thought the WWE's Women's division wasn't very good).

But any way Sable would return in 2003 after posing for PlayBoy in 2000 for the second time, and getting a lot of mainstream media attention while not in WWE.

She would feud with Torrie Wilson, who had posed for PlayBoy in the year of Sable's return.

She would also feud with Stephanie Mcmahon, in a storyline that led to the departure of Stephanie Mcmahon as On Screen General Manager.

Sable would pose for PlayBoy for the third time, more times than any other WWE diva. This time she would with Torrie Wilson.

They would tag team in Sable's final WrestleMania match in a lingerie match, defeating Jacqueline and Stacy Kiebler.

So ladies and Gents, I know this isn't a popular pick, but in my opinion I feel like Sable's in ring work, her work as a manager, her mic work, her entrance, and how over she was, not only makes her one of the best Women Wrestlers of all time, but no doubt, the best Women's Champion of all time.

Once again I would like to thank Shane Howard for this opportunity, and all of you for reading, and hopefully commenting.