Washburn Notice

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

As the trade deadline nears, Milwaukee’s need for starting pitching grows and Jarrod Washburn continues to pitch significantly unJarrod Washburn-like, I thought I’d offer up some Washburn Notice. You know, like that show on USA or TNT or something? Oh, you’ve never seen it? Me neither. Whatever.

A recent report pertaining to Washburn and the Brewers indicates the Milwaukee is no longer pursuing the overrated starter.

Meanwhile, buried beneath bad jokes and pessimistic non-reporting, Tom Haudricourt Tweets… (Twits, Twats?) that Doug Melvin told him the Brewers remain “buyers” despite the team’s recent play.

Al’s Ramblings picked up a hidden gem in Adam McCalvy’s mailbag saying Hardy could very well be traded by Friday.

So what does this all say? Nothing really. Unless the Brewers are buyers, yet not interested in Washburn AND planning to deal their starting shortstop. I think Doug may have something up his sleeve that could bring Milwaukee a starter with more than a year remaining under contract… possibly at the cost of Hardy. I guess we’ll see.