UFC 103: Fedor Vs Brock...Oh, Really?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 29, 2009

When I read an article today speculating about a match-up between Russian Fedor Emilianenko and WWE's ex champion Brock Lesnar, I wondered who made that final decision.

Not the decision to have a fight between the two men, but the decision to print that particular piece of "breaking news" information.

I clearly remember the horrible feeling I developed in the pit of my stomach the last time I announced a "Tito Ortiz just signed up with" article which proved to be completely untrue.

So now I can identify the feeling certain sportswriters will have for announcing this as yet unconfirmed supposition.

Being a die hard with a vengeance Fedor fan, there is nothing I would welcome more than seeing him beat the smirk off that Lesnar lunkhead's face. I freely admit to NOT being a big Brock Lesnar fan and I am proud of it!

To me, not following the Dana-philes who worship his new "Boy Wonder" that "he" discovered is a matter of principle. Just because Dana does, tends to make me very reluctant to fall at Lesnar's feet and worship the most recent UFC idol.

It makes me very, very suspicious of Dana White whenever he makes a statement that, "no one can ever do what Brock Lesnar has done," and then refuses to sign someone as worthy as Bobby Lashley and take a chance that "someone" actually can, if given the same chance as Dana's boy, Lesnar, to "do it."

One cannot simply make a broad statement such as that unless they are willing to back it up with proof. Not putting "someone" in a position to rival Lesnar's accomplishment, whatever Dana thinks it is, does not prove it cannot be done.

At any rate, like anyone else who enjoys a good fight wherein an able foe like Fedor takes on a questionable "legend" like Brock Lesnar, I only wish the article was telling the truth.

It would be interesting to have a prominent publication print a story about Fedor being a recent UFC acquisition and then later having to make a retraction, much like I was forced to do with the Tito signing article, (which certainly taught me an important lesson about jumping the gun in trying to be the first with the news).

Having a UFC 103 without this potential heart stopping event will not elate me; I will be just as disenchanted as all the other UFC fans who would die to experience just such a historical event once in their lifetime.

Still, if it does fail to materialize, I will know why.

Just as I have given up writing "Tito has signed with" articles, I would suggest that anyone interested in reporting a Fedor signing wait until Fedor announces it. I would never take Dana or Tito's word on the fact. This is an article I would be proud to write even if everyone else had beaten me to the punch.

Being first is not as important now, at least to Grandma Dee, as it is to be correct in reporting the news.