Forever A Braves Fan!!

Randy GautreauxContributor IJuly 29, 2009

To begin writing any type of article I first wanted to introduce myself to the Atlanta Braves fan community. Ever since I was a young shaver I always looked up to my older brother. One day he decided to like the Atlanta Braves because he could watch them play on TBS (remember those days!). And since I wanted to follow suit, I as well said I liked them (though I really did not care much for the sport at the time). Well, as I got older I began getting accused of copying my brother in everything so when he decided to root for the Red Sox (since I live up here in Massachusetts in Sox Nation territory) I decided to stay put and keep on rooting for those Tomahawks. I felt good when the Bravo's when the World Series in '95 but it wasn't until '96 that I fully immersed myself into a full time Braves fan.

I'm actually very excited to be part of the Bleacher Report as I seem to have a lot of opinions on a lot of baseball matters, especially regarding the Braves. I hope everyone that may come across my articles would find something interesting, whether they agree with my position or not, I would just love to see lively debates (with respect to one another). Thank you for those who have come across my page and I hope to see you regularly.