The Praise Keeps Coming for Devin Gardner

The WolverineCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

Another recap of Devin Gardner's performance at the Elite 11 Competition had nothing but amazing things to say.

"His combination of size, athleticism [and] arm strength stood out," recruiting analyst Barry Every said. "More importantly, he really took to the coaching. You can tell he is striving to be the best. He is getting the type of coaching at that event that he will get at the college level, and he responded really well.

"The comparisons to Vince Young and Terrelle Pyror are legit. He throws the ball better than them at the same stage. Camp instructor Matt James told me the three dual-threat quarterbacks at the event, Garnder, Bolden and Barry Brunetti, are the best three they have ever had at the Elite 11."

All we can say is...WOW. Can't wait to get this guy on campus.