Rich Rodriguez Clarifies Freshman Quarterback, Denard Robinson's Role

The WolverineCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

Coach Rich Rodriguez removed any doubt that Denard Robinson would be switched to another position if he lost the starting QB job.

"He’ll be doing nothing but playing quarterback," Rodriguez said of Robinson. "Again, you move him to another position or any guy, it’s going to cause more confusion. If you learn quarterback, you can learn the other ones. He’s going to get a lot of reps. We’re going to rep him, we’re going to rep Nick (Sheridan) and we’re going to rep Tate a lot and see who wins the job."

Rodriguez also discussed Denard's approach and outlook:

He’s got to be a sponge in the meetings and at practice and soak everything up. He’s a very conscientious guy so I think he’ll do that. He’s going to be behind the other guys that have been here for obvious reasons, and I think he’s a pretty quick learner. When he gets to camp he’s going to make mistakes, but he’s got to be one that’s able to overcome that and relax.

Of course, we'll see if the decision not to move him changes next year with the arrival of Devin Gardner and Cornelius Jones. After all, can you really keep that kind of speed off the field? But it is definitely the right decision for 2009, where Michigan still lacks depth at the position.