Is Brett Favre's Legacy In Danger?

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IJuly 29, 2009

By Derek Lofland.

Former Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre has decided not to resume his career with the Minnesota Vikings.  Favre gave a number of reasons for the decision to ESPN’s Ed Werner, which included pain in his one of his knees and both ankles. Those factors made him doubt his ability to compete at an acceptable level this upcoming season.

The decision is the latest twist and turn in a saga that has had more twists and turns than the best Hollywood dramas. Since this is Favre, nobody is going to say that he is definitely retired at this point. There is still the possibility, should the Vikings QBs struggle in training camp, that he could decide to sign closer to the regular season. There is also the possibility that if the Vikings have injuries at quarterback during the season that he could strike a deal.

Until Favre is not on a roster for Week One, and until he turns down a team in search of an injury replacement during the season, fans and cynics will not be convinced that today’s announcement is the final chapter in this never-ending saga.

There is no denying that Favre is one of the most confusing personalities in sports. Critics have accused him of being only about money, but he reportedly left $10 million on the table not to play...

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