Minnesota Vickings? Why Michael Vick Isn't Worth the Risk

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Minnesota Vickings? Why Michael Vick Isn't Worth the Risk
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The Vikings are going to say they are okay with their quarterback situation, now that Brett Favre has decided to stay retired. Now the talk can begin about Michael Vick taking his circus to the Metrodome.

How can they even think about it?

There's a reason no teams have inquired about Vick: he's not worth the hassle. He's been out of the league for two years, and people seem to think that he was a great quarterback when he played for the Falcons.

Does anybody remember just how average he was as a quarterback?

Sure, he had the dazzling running ability. He even ran for 1,000 yards one season, and took the Falcons to the NFC Championship Game in 2004, but he isn't worth the hassle of bringing him to Minnesota.

The question for any team, especially Minnesota, will be if the risk will be higher than the reward. Teams will have to decide whether Vick can help them enough to put up with the backlash that will come from the media circus. Organizations such as PETA want to get their names out any way possibile.

Vick is their perfect target, and for a team that made the playoffs last year, even with their less-than-average quarterback play, he won't make that big of a difference. Fans have to remember before pressuring their team to go sign Vick that he had an offense designed just for him in Atlanta.

Minnesota will not.

As much as Vick's physical ability is greater than Tavaris Jackson's, their stats are pretty similar. Jackson has a higher quarterback rating and Vick only throws for 18 yards per game more.

Jackson is far less of a headache for 18 yards per game. He has shown that he can be an effective quarterback before, and with the talent on the Vikings roster, Vick cannot and should not be an option.  

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