Daily dump: Mizzou not getting the hang of this web thing

Matt TarrContributor IJuly 29, 2009

So if we’re to believe the Princeton Review, Penn State is America’s top party school in 2009. And why wouldn’t we? If anyone knows how to party, it’s those wacky Ivy Leaguers.

But there’s no disputing which university is America’s dumbest in 2009. That honor, once again, goes to the University of Missouri. And frankly, we should probably just retire the belt at this point. Yes, ol’ Mizzou – the school that gave us the Kenneth Lay Chair of Economics, the same school that once named its new basketball arena after a Wal-Mart heiress that snubbed MU in favor of Southern Cal (and subsequently returned her USC diploma in the wake of a cheating scandal) – has outdone itself in the stupidity department again.

Sheryl Crow, MU Tiger/Cougar

Sheryl Crow, MU Tiger/Cougar

It seems the geniuses that comprise the university’s website staff overlooked a tiny detail in the flourishing online world that is www.mizzou.com. Namely, they forgot to add the domain for www.mizzou.us. So imagine the surprise of school officials Monday when they learned that the domain had been purchased – and redirected to the home page of the school’s arch-nemesis, the University of Kansas (www.ku.edu).

“Wow,” Jayson Meyer, MU’s director of alumni affairs guffawed to the Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World. “Somebody’s pretty smart.”

By late Tuesday, GoDaddy had taken down the redirection link. But no one can take Mizzou’s hard-earned title away.

- Mizzou Web address sends Internet surfer to a more crimson destination (Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World)

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