The Dominance that is Miguel Angel Torres

Brian O. BlakeCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

When thinking of the most dominant MMA fighters, most fans will no doubt turn to the likes of pound-for-pound favorite Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre. Often overlooked is one of the sports smallest fighters, but at the same time one of its biggest talents.

Enter the reigning WEC bantamweight champion, Miguel Angel Torres.

On August 9, headlining WEC 42 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV Torres will put his title on the line against top contender Brian Bowles. 

Since turning pro back in mid-2006, Bowles has won seven fights and not let one of them go into the hands of the judges. Impressive to say the least.

Yet it pales in comparison to the stats Torres has compiled through out his career, which will certainly make the challenge ahead of Brian Bowles quite the daunting task.

Since becoming a pro back in March of 2000, Torres won his first 20 fights and has only tasted defeat once, which came in the form of a unanimous decision loss to Ryan Ackerman. Since then, he has put together another 17 wins to bring his official record to 37-1. His active win streak of 17 consecutive wins is two more than UFC light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida who is undefeated in 15 professional bouts, and seven more than respective UFC and WEC champions Anderson Silva and Mike Brown.

Of his 37 wins, 60 percent of his opponents have submitted to the 28-year old East Chicago native. Coming closest to his submission percentage are fellow WEC combatants Jaime Varner who has a 56 percent submission rate and one point below Varner is Mike Brown. If you were to go to the UFC you'd find BJ Penn atop the list with 38 percent.

Then we move from submissions to overall stoppage wins where once again, he leads the pack, as in his 37 victories all but six have ended before the final bell. If you compare it to some of the other pound-for-pound greats in the sport he ranks far ahead of Silva who has 18 wins inside the distance, and it more than doubles GSP's 12 stoppage wins.

Torres weighs in second on the list when it comes title defenses among the current elite. Silva has now successfully defended his title five times. Torres finds himself alongside Georges St. Pierre with three.

Finally, when you take a look at KO wins from active champions you will once again find Anderson Silva at the top of the list with 14. Torres comes in at second with nine KO victories, one ahead of GSP, and four more than the five KOs of BJ Penn.

As the numbers show, it's not just the big boys in the UFC that deserve all the hype when it comes to talk of the sports pound for pound king.

Pound for pound rankings are merely a matter of opinion, and it's up to you to decide whether or not he's at the top of the list. 

But he's done more than enough to add himself into the conversation.

And at the very least, he's still got the pound for pound greatest mullet in the sport.


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