College Football Preaseason Predictions

Jack O'ConnellContributor IJuly 28, 2009

Here we are, speeding through our favorite season: the summer. Work/school is slow and so is the sports world, full of hundreds of baseball games and news stories we won't recall come football season.

With August approaching, the death of Michael Jackson and the midsummer classic gone, it's now time football takes over the extra hours of ESPN and the unread pages of Sports Illustrated.

Well, it's a fresh start and a clean, white slate. Sam Bradford's Heisman is now history along with Tim Tebow's moment of glory. Here is my vision, how the awards, and bragging rights will all play out.

BCS Champions: Oklahoma- With the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and a mix of two pro-caliber runners their offense will terrorize the defense once again. They go on to beat Florida in the championship.

Heisman: Colt McCoy- Last year McCoy, Tebow, and Bradford were the three Heisman finalists. It was a a toss-up and the media loves a new flavor. McCoy will throw 35 touchdowns and just misses a BCS Championship Bid.

Breakout Team: Notre Dame- Their schedule is hit or miss. They're playing teams who they are all capable of beating with the exception of USC, but pesky teams like Nevada and Michigan State should be tight games. Two talented young receivers in Michael Floyd and Golden Tate should help Clausen to establish Notre dame as one of the most dangerous offenses in the country.

Most Intruiging Game: Florida vs. Alabama- Now Tennesse has hired offensive genius Lane Kiffin, but with a lot of youth. With all the controversial comments from Kiffin demeaning Myer's illegal recruiting which was false. Because of that Myer will hold nothing back.

This college football season should be all what we expect, full of upsets, unnoticed talent, and old, cranky writers complaining about the BCS.