NFL Report Cards: Team-by-Team Grades for Week 10

Michael Schottey@SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterNovember 11, 2014

NFL Report Cards: Team-by-Team Grades for Week 10

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    By Week 10, there aren't any more excuses.

    Your team has injuries? Guess what...every team has injuries. This is the stretch of the season where depth is tested and when even the most exciting victories can turn Pyrrhic as postgame X-rays and MRIs are completed. By this point, no team is as healthy as it wants to be, and countless players depended upon by their teams are watching these games from the sidelines or at home.

    Tough schedule? Every team has had a rough stretch of schedule by now, and just about every team will have one over the last seven weeks thanks to the NFL piling divisional games at the end of the season. Maybe reality isn't quite as extreme as the silly maxim, "You are what your record says you are," but the number of teams that will actually change their stars between now and the end of the season is dwarfed by the fans who think their team will do it.

    Close games haven't gone your way? Ball bounced left when it should have gone right? Weather didn't cooperate?'s all been done. Every team has its stories by now, and the parity-leveled playing field of the NFL is starting to take shape as we barrel toward the playoffs.


    Criteria for Grading

    • Coaching decisions and how a team performed on offense, defense and special teams.
    • The caliber of opponent the team was facing.
    • The atmosphere the performance was played in: at home, away, weather, etc.


    Not Considered in Grades

    • Excuses. I grade the team on the field, not the ideal team that could have been out there without injuries, suspensions, etc.
    • Expectations. If everyone picked your favorite team to lose and it won, that doesn't mean it gets an A-plus grade.
    • Results. A team can look really bad and win a game, while another team can look great in defeat. While it's true that winners will often trend higher than losers from week to week, that doesn't mean all of the winners get good grades, while the losers get bad ones.


    Each team also gets a "game ball" and a "game goat" to clue you in to some of the things that went into the assessment. Many will be obvious to those who watched the contest, but some will require a deep dive into the stats or film. Though much of the commentary will center on those choices, the grades are a look at the entire squad.

    Each team also gets a cumulative grade, which averages grades thus far in the current season. This will be a running metric all season long. A reminder, though, that this is simply an average. Early on, massive outliers (both positive and negative) will affect those averages.

    Grab your red pens. We're on to the grades!

Arizona Cardinals (8-1)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. St. Louis Rams 31-14

    Game Ball: Patrick Peterson, Cornerback (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Interior Offensive Line


    Peterson has been in this space plenty of times in the past on the wrong side of the equation, but Sunday marked his best game of the season (by far). One can quibble about the level of competition, but when a guy's interceptions (two) outweigh the catches he allowed (one to Rams receiver Chris Givens), it's a good day. 

    Before the game, the Fox NFL Sunday crew noted how Arizona doesn't often "help" its offensive tackles and that the Rams have solid exterior pass-rushers like Robert Quinn. However, it was Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald who had a field day, and almost all the pressure felt by Cardinals quarterbacks was from inside.


    Week 10 Grade: A

    2014 Cumulative: B+

    Week 11 Opponent: Detroit Lions (Home)

Atlanta Falcons (3-6)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-17

    Game Ball: Kroy Biermann, Defensive End (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Robert Alford, Cornerback 


    Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown has plenty of detractors (and rightfully so), but it's hard to succeed when the offensive line is so completely ineffective thanks to a great day by the Falcons front four. Overall, Pro Football Focus credited the Falcons (subscription required) with six sacks, seven quarterback hits and 15 extra hurries. Biermann was responsible for much of that, and when he wasn't directly contributing to the stat sheet, it was because the Buccaneers were running away from him.

    Take the day Biermann had and flip it on its head—that's the kind of day Alford had. Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans had a fantastic day, and much of that was against Alford, who struggled both with the rookie's 6'5" size and physicality.


    Week 10 Grade: B+

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 11 Opponent: Carolina Panthers (Away)

Baltimore Ravens (6-4)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Tennessee Titans 21-7

    Game Ball: Justin Forsett, Running Back (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Steve Smith Sr., Wide Receiver


    Honestly, I was disappointed in the Ravens' performance this week. It's not about "expectation" (I don't grade that, remember), and yes they got the win, but their talent level is head and shoulders above the Titans, and they let the Titans stick with them—at least in terms of the score—the entire game. At worst, usually the Ravens dominate this level of competition and only falter when a team can give them some pressure.

    And, I don't want to call Smith old, but the veteran receiver has slowed down a bit in recent weeks. Against the Titans, he simply wasn't getting as wide open as he had earlier in the year, and quarterback Joe Flacco wasn't exactly helping matters either.

    Forsett, thankfully, paced the offense with 20 carries for 112 yards and two touchdowns.


    Week 10 Grade: B

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Bye

Buffalo Bills (5-4)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Kansas City Chiefs 17-13

    Game Ball: Kyle Williams, Defensive Tackle

    Game Goat: Nathaniel Hackett, Offensive Coordinator (Pictured Above)


    Why is quarterback Kyle Orton passing 48 times—especially against one of the best pass-rushers in the league? It's insanity, and though I could easily give the goat dishonor to Orton (who only completed 29 of those passes for 259 yards and a 5.4-yard average), Hackett should have focused a lot more on the ground game, considering the Bills were up 13-3 in the second half.

    By the way, when the Bills rushed, they did so at a nice clip and averaged more than five yards per carry.

    On the opposite side of the ball, the Bills defense did an admirable job against Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and Co. A few players like linebackers Nigel Bradham and Preston Brown had a whole bunch of tackles, but if you want the real scoop on why they did well against Charles, watch Williams winning battles at the line of scrimmage.


    Week 10 Grade: C+

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 11 Opponent: Miami Dolphins (Away)

Carolina Panthers (3-6-1)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Philadelphia Eagles 45-21

    Game Ball: Greg Olsen, Tight End

    Game Goat: DeAngelo Williams (Pictured Above)


    What's the old line from Office Space? "What would, you say, you do here?" Monday night, while watching the Panthers go up in flames, I had much the same thoughts for Williams.

    He showcased zero reason to be on an NFL field against the Eagles and even less reason to be featured in the offense. He finished with 31 yards on 13 carries (2.4 average), 17 yards receiving, a fumble and at least one huge whiff of a "pass block" that almost got quarterback Cam Newton killed.

    Olsen, however, is one of the few pieces of this team—offense or defense—that is consistently outperforming expectations week to week. He had 119 yards receiving and bailed out Newton a number of times.


    Week 10 Grade: D

    2014 Cumulative: C-

    Week 11 Opponent: Atlanta Falcons (Home)

Chicago Bears (3-6)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Green Bay Packers 55-14

    Game Ball: N/A

    Game Goat: Jay Cutler, Quarterback (Pictured Above) and Mel Tucker, Defensive Coordinator


    What a special kind of terrible this game was...

    Cutler's numbers (22-of-37, 272 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions) are actually better than he played, as the Packers were letting off the defensive throttle as early as the third quarter. He was a mess, and though he wasn't the sole reason the Bears lost this game, he contributed as much as any one person.

    Tucker, on the other hand, is the leader of a unit that simply wasn't ready (and hasn't been ready) for prime time. Personally, I've been a fan of Tucker since his days in Jacksonville, and he's typically been underrated, but he does not have a handle on how to fix the issues in Chicago. The defense looked absolutely terrible from the starting kick.


    Week 10 Grade: F

    2014 Cumulative: C

    Week 11 Opponent: Minnesota Vikings (Home)

Cincinnati Bengals (5-3-1)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Cleveland Browns 24-3

    Game Ball: George Iloka, Safety

    Game Goat: Andy Dalton, Quarterback 


    My initial reaction was that this game was the AFC North equivalent of the sort of game where I don't award the blown-out team a game ball. Then, on a second viewing (dedication for a game this bad), I was really impressed by the play of safety George Iloka. We know he's a valuable run defender, but he seemed to be everywhere around the ball both on the run and pass in this one.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure where Dalton was or even if he knew. With a line like 10-of-33 for 86 yards and three interceptions, he certainly didn't belong anywhere near an NFL football field.


    Week 10 Grade: D

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 11 Opponent: New Orleans Saints (Away)

Cleveland Browns (6-3)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Cincinnati Bengals 24-3

    Game Ball: Buster Skrine, Cornerback (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Nick McDonald, Center


    Let's get game goat out of the way first, because it came down to either Jim Leonhard (for the return fumble) or McDonald, and I picked the young centernot to bash him as he has deserved in recent weeks (especially against Gerald McCoy), but to point out that he had a really good game by his standards.

    Is he still the weak link on the line? Absolutely, and he was against the Bengals. But he mostly held his own rather than being a complete liability.

    A lot of players played well for the Browns—as you can tell from the A grade below—especially on the defensive side of things. Skrine, however, rose above with a pair of interceptions and great play in coverage all day long.


    Week 10 Grade: A

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 11 Opponent: Houston Texans (Home)

Dallas Cowboys (7-3)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Jacksonville Jaguars 31-17

    Game Ball: Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Cole Beasley, Wide Receiver


    Beasley would like all of his detractors to know that he doesn't have a fumbling problem. (Though he could have done so more politely.) That said, his fumble in this game kept points off the board for the Cowboys, though it didn't really matter that much in the end.

    That's because just about everyone else—on offense and defense—was able to get back on track against the Jaguars. Bryant finished the game with 158 yards and two touchdowns.


    Week 10 Grade: B+

    2014 Cumulative: B+

    Week 11 Opponent: Bye

Denver Broncos (7-2)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Oakland Raiders 41-17

    Game Ball: Von Miller, Linebacker (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Orlando Franklin, Offensive Guard


    The Raiders never stood a chance.

    The Broncos came in from the opening gun to the final whistle and made sure that everyone in the league realized who they still were. There were some minor issues on the offensive line—especially with Franklin—and Manning threw a couple of interceptions.

    Otherwise, things were about as expected against the Raiders, and the defense made rookie passer Derek Carr look as bad as he's looked all year. Miller, even without any sacks, was a standout with seven tackles, a QB hit and a whole mess of other pressures that didn't end up on the stat sheet.


    Week 10 Grade: A-

    2014 Cumulative: A-

    Week 11 Opponent: St. Louis Rams (Away)

Detroit Lions (7-2)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Miami Dolphins 20-16

    Game Ball: Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Dominic Raiola, Center


    Lions fans are still waiting for the cumulative grade to begin to match the record, but as I've mentioned time and again, the grades aren't about results—they're about performance. Against Miami, the team still had a pretty above-average performance overall, with the defense being its usual stout self and the offense faltering before pulling out a huge win.

    If I were grading how Lions fans should feel about this team, it would be an A-plus, but there's still concern that (at least offensively) things should be more cohesive and explosive. Perhaps with wide receiver Calvin Johnson back, that chemistry will begin to coalesce. The offensive line needs to play better too. Against the Dolphins, Raiola couldn't get any traction in the running or passing game.

    Suh was a beast and dominated Dolphins offensive lineman Mike Pouncey, who played right guard and had an atrocious game. Suh ended with four tackles (three for loss), a sack, three quarterback hits and a fumble recovery.


    Week 10 Grade: B+

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Arizona Cardinals (Away)

Green Bay Packers (6-3)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Chicago Bears 55-14

    Game Ball: Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: N/A


    It doesn't get more relaxed than this for Rodgers.

    With 315 yards passing and six touchdowns in what could have been an even better night had he not sat in favor of backup Matt Flynn, Rodgers led what can only be described as a slobberknocker over his team's oldest rival.

    Defensively, the Packers harassed Bears quarterback Jay Cutler all night long, and props should go to defensive coordinator Dom Capers for figuring out how to get Clay Matthews and Nick Perry on the field at the same time.


    Week 10 Grade: A+

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles (Home)

Houston Texans (4-5)

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    The Texans were on bye this week. 


    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 11 Opponent: Cleveland Browns (Away)

Indianapolis Colts (6-3)

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    The Indianapolis Colts were on bye this week. 


    2014 Cumulative: B+

    Week 11 Opponent: New England Patriots (Home)

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Dallas Cowboys 31-17

    Game Ball: Cecil Shorts, Wide Receiver (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Luke Joeckel, Offensive Tackle


    This wasn't a great game for the Jaguars, but things could have been worse. Joeckel looked every bit the part of a rookie, struggling to make an impact as either a run- or pass-blocker. Thankfully, quarterback Blake Bortles didn't entirely come off the rails. Against a tough Cowboys team in a shootout, we could have seen many more turnovers.

    Shorts, for his part, racked up 119 yards on five receptions. 


    Week 10 Grade: C-

    2014 Cumulative: D+

    Week 11 Opponent: Bye

Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Buffalo Bills 17-13

    Game Ball: Ron Parker, Cornerback (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Knile Davis, Running Back


    Parker spent most of the night on Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins and more than did his part to shut the talented rookie down. He had eight tackles and three pass deflections, but the box score hardly begins to actually tell the story of his day.

    Davis touched the ball only a handful of times, got virtually no yardage and fumbled the ball—not exactly a great day.


    Week 10 Grade: B

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Seattle Seahawks (Home)

Miami Dolphins (5-4)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Detroit Lions 20-16

    Game Ball: Louis Delmas, Safety

    Game Goat: Mike Pouncey, Offensive Guard (Pictured Above)


    Whether it's due to playing a new position or simply having sat out early in the season, Pouncey has been really bad as of late. Against Lions tackle Ndamukong Suh, Pouncey had one of the worst games of his NFL career. He was ineffective and often rag-dolled away from where he needed to be.

    Delmas, however, did well against his old Lions teammates. In coverage, he was solid but stood out in defending the run and preventing pass plays from getting past him.


    Week 10 Grade: B

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Buffalo Bills (Home)

Minnesota Vikings (4-5)

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    The Minnesota Vikings were on bye this week. 


    2014 Cumulative: C

    Week 11 Opponent: Chicago Bears (Away)

New England Patriots (7-2)

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    The New England Patriots were on bye this week. 


    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Indianapolis Colts (Away)

New Orleans Saints (4-5)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to San Francisco 49ers 27-24 (OT)

    Game Ball: Jimmy Graham, Tight End (Picture Above)

    Game Goat: Jimmy Graham, Tight End (Picture Above)


    Graham was an absolute beast in this game—10 catches for 76 yards and two touchdowns. He couldn't be covered and beat the 49ers defense with his strength, size, speed and more. Had quarterback Drew Brees had some more time (and composure), it's possible Graham's numbers could have doubled.

    He was having that kind of day.

    Then, he got too beastly. For the potential game-winning Hail Mary pass, Graham clearly used offensive pass interference (that he didn't need to, because he's Jimmy Graham) to separate himself from the defender and the defender from his feet. Had Graham simply gone up for the ball, it likely would have been a tremendous Saints win.


    Week 10 Grade: B-

    2014 Cumulative: B-

    Week 11 Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals (Home)

New York Giants (3-6)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Seattle Seahawks 38-17

    Game Ball: Odell Beckham Jr., Wide Receiver (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Offensive Linemen Not Named William Beatty


    Before the draft, I was a fan of Beckham but didn't think his talent was commensurate with the hype he was getting. This wasn't a slight on him but rather an appreciation for the other receivers in the class: the New Orleans Saints' Brandin Cooks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Mike Evans, etc. Now, while those other guys are good, I see that I was wrong to temper my expectations for Beckham. 

    He finished with 108 yards receiving and 11 rushing. At times, he looked like the only Giants player who wasn't scared to death playing in Seattle.

    The offensive line was a mess. Offensive tackle William Beatty had a good (not great) day, but the rest of quarterback Eli Manning's line was atrocious. Special dishonors go to Weston Richburg and Justin Pugh—young, talented but maddening players who were truly the worst of the worst against a good Seahawks pass rush.


    Week 10 Grade: C

    2014 Cumulative: C

    Week 11 Opponent: San Francisco 49ers (Home)

New York Jets (2-8)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Pittsburgh Steelers 20-13

    Game Ball: Michael Vick, Quarterback (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Phillip Adams, Cornerback


    Vick gave the Pittsburgh defense something to think about. The Steelers didn't have a lot of defenders who could stop Vick on the ground, and though he only had 39 yards rushing, it kept the entire defense off balance. He was also efficient as a passer with 10 of 18 completions and two touchdowns. The Jets did not turn the ball over, and there isn't a clearer reason that they won this game than that.

    Adams had about as tough a matchup as one can have in today's NFL. He had to alternate between covering Steelers receivers Antonio Brown (speedy, shifty, dynamic) and Martavis Bryant (explosive, big, leaping). He didn't have much of a chance against either.


    Week 10 Grade: B

    2014 Cumulative: D+

    Week 11 Opponent: Bye

Oakland Raiders (0-9)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Denver Broncos 41-17

    Game Ball: D.J. Hayden, Cornerback

    Game Goat: Derek Carr, Quarterback (Pictured Above)


    The only thing keeping this game from being an F is the matchup. The Raiders had terrible play across the board, but what does anyone expect against the Broncos? Carr was especially bad, not only throwing two interceptions but also making a number of boneheaded plays that make it seem as if the stage is simply too big for him (at least right now).

    Hayden had a solid day in coverage and pulled down an interception.


    Week 10 Grade: D-

    2014 Cumulative: D+

    Week 11 Opponent: San Diego Chargers (Away)

Philadelphia Eagles (7-2)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. Carolina Panthers 45-21

    Game Ball: Connor Barwin, Linebacker 

    Game Goat: LeSean McCoy, Running Back


    There was a huge temptation to put quarterback Mark Sanchez (pictured above) as the game-ball winner. He made some rough throws, yes, but also made plenty of in-stride, wide-open throws that Nick Foles struggled with even when he was putting up massive numbers in this offense last season. This might be an addition-by-subtraction situation for Philly.

    Yet Barwin was phenomenal and demands to be recognized. He was credited with 3.5 sacks and four additional quarterback hits. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will be seeing Barwin in his nightmares for at least the next two nights.

    McCoy has been a disappointment this season—both to the Eagles and to fantasy owners. He finished with only 19 yards on 12 carries.


    Week 10 Grade: A

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Green Bay Packers (Away)

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to New York Jets 20-13

    Game Ball: Martavis Bryant, Wide Receiver (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Antonio Brown, Wide Receiver


    If you're the Steelers, you don't ride the high you've been riding, then get the game from Bryant that they got (143 yards receiving and a touchdown on four catches!) and expect to lose the game. Things like that just don't often happen, but turnovers bit them on the rear end, and the defense let them down early in the game because of it.

    Brown had a solid day getting open, but fumbling twice is a return to earth for a guy who has been playing so incredibly well over the first half of the season.


    Week 10 Grade: C-

    2014 Cumulative: B-

    Week 11 Opponent: Tennessee Titans (Away)

San Diego Chargers (5-4)

26 of 32

    The San Diego Chargers were on bye this week.


    2014 Cumulative: B-

    Week 11 Opponent: Oakland Raiders (Home)

San Francisco 49ers (5-4)

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    Week 10 Outcome: Def. New Orleans Saints 27-24 (OT)

    Game Ball: Chris Borland, Linebacker (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Perrish Cox, Cornerback


    This was a huge win for the 49ers, who definitely needed a huge win this season. Borland, who has been tremendous this season, clinched the victory with a fumble recovery. He finished with 17 total tackles and was a huge reason a lot of the Saints' short-yardage stuff didn't turn into bigger yardage. 

    Cox wasn't a big part of that. In fact, had Saints quarterback Drew Brees picked on Cox a little more, the outcome probably would have been different. It didn't matter who Cox matched up with—he gave up reception after reception, including one of Saints tight end Jimmy Graham's touchdowns.


    Week 10 Grade: B

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 11 Opponent: New York Giants (Away)

Seattle Seahawks (6-3)

28 of 32

    Week 10 Outcome: Def. New York Giants 38-17

    Game Ball: Marshawn Lynch, Running Back (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Russell Wilson, Quarterback


    Beast Mode erupted all over the Giants on Sunday with 140 yards rushing on only 21 carries (6.7-yard average) and four touchdowns. Oh, he also added a 23-yard reception. The Giants aren't a great tackling team anyway, but he made them look oh so very foolish.

    It's a good thing too, because Wilson continued to look terrible. He's pretty much the sole reason this A-minus isn't an A, because games like this out of a quarterback should not equal wins in today's NFL. He was 10-of-17 for 172 yards and two interceptions.


    Week 10 Grade: A-

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 11 Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs (Away)

St. Louis Rams (3-6)

29 of 32

    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Arizona Cardinals 31-14

    Game Ball: Aaron Donald, Defensive Tackle

    Game Goat: Austin Davis, Quarterback (Pictured Above)


    Let's be clear: On a game-long basis, Davis had zero help from blockers, the running game or his receivers. This game is not solely his fault against an Arizona defense that had been awful against the pass for much of the season and has found the ability to turn it on (albeit against weaker passing competition) in recent weeks.

    That said, at the end of the game with the score within reach, Davis fumbled and threw the game away. It wasn't just a lack of composure; it was a meltdown. Before the fourth quarter, this grade was closer to a B, and Davis certainly wasn't the goat.

    Donald didn't light up the stat sheet—just a few tackles and a QB hit officiallybut he played much better than those numbers suggest and gave the interior of the Cardinals offensive line fits all day long.


    Week 10 Grade: C-

    2014 Cumulative: C-

    Week 11 Opponent: Denver Broncos (Home)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-8)

30 of 32

    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Atlanta Falcons 27-17

    Game Ball: Lavonte David, Linebacker (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Charles Sims, Running Back


    People are going to be tempted to blame quarterback Josh McCown here, but he was merely below average. The running game was atrocious, and Sims failed to gain any traction. He had eight carries for 23 yards and two catches for 17 to go along with a fumble.

    David racked up 14 tackles, but that belies the kind of day he had as well. One of the things I love about David is that his tackles are usually "moving forward"—i.e., he's not just bringing a player down who's already done his damage. It was that kind of day for David, who had an even bigger impact than the bare numbers suggest.


    Week 10 Grade: C+

    2014 Cumulative: D+

    Week 11 Opponent: Washington (Home)

Tennessee Titans (2-7)

31 of 32

    Week 10 Outcome: Lost to Baltimore Ravens 21-7

    Game Ball: Taylor Lewan, Offensive Tackle and Andy Levitre, Offensive Guard

    Game Goat: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Cornerback (Pictured Above)


    This was a tough game to grade because there wasn't a lot of good on either team to really trumpet or a lot of standout/terrible performances for the Titans. Let's put it this way: There was nothing to truly hate, but nothing positive either.

    On second viewing, I picked out the left side of the line to highlight. Lewan and Levitre had a great day run-blocking and are protecting quarterback Zach Mettenberger's blind side about as well as can be expected (he's a bit of a statue in the pocket, putting it mildly).

    Wreh-Wilson didn't have a terrible day, but he gave up a long pass to Ravens receiver Torrey Smith as well as a number of other catches.


    Week 10 Grade: D+

    2014 Cumulative: D

    Week 11 Opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers (Home)

Washington (3-6)

32 of 32

    Washington was on bye this week.


    2014 Cumulative: C

    Week 11 Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Home)


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