Friend's Of The Devil

Mike BurnsContributor IOctober 25, 2016

Ever wonder if an athlete or coach would trade his soul to the devil for success in professional sports.  If it was possible to do such a thing would a coach with a 36-44 record ever get hired by the New York Jets then quit just as the news conference was beginning only to be hired later that same week by the New England Patriots and go 5-10 in his first year then become a Super Bowl dynasty.

Would it be possible for a late round wide receiver to go from the special teams unit to replacing legendary but injured Jerry Rice with the San Francisco 49ers and then become one of the most successful wide receivers of all time.

Could you even imagine a supermarket stock boy becoming a NFL MVP, or does anyone have other success stories of athletes or coaches that have achieved improbable success based on how they got to the position they are in.

This is just for fun and not meant to offend anyone.