Will Vick Be Able To Play Season Opener...

Austin FarissContributor IJuly 28, 2009

The Photo shown above has been a commom appearance on ESPN and other news networks.  The picture show Ex- Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick walking in a Virginia courthouse.  Whether it has been for a sentencing date or to file bankruptcy (a thing way to common now a days).

The life of Michael Vick changed when his house was raided by the F.B.I and then indicted on federal dog fighting charges.  Vick claimed he had no idea of what was going on at his Virginia home.  Vick was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and probation.

Now vick is out of the slammer and is back on his way to becoming a QB is the NFL.  But will Vick be able to make a comback.  The reason i say this is because what team is going to want a QB that was possibly in his prime when he was in prison.  Another reason a team is going to want him is what you will get now with him.  PETA is going to have a field day at whatever stadium of whoever signs Vick.  PETA for those who don't know are the animal activists that got on to Barack Obama for killing a fly.

Now I no that some team will sign Vick for The Wild Cat offence but they're going to have to wait out for some 6 weeks because of Roger Goodell's "conditional reinstatement" that said Vick can sign with a team and play pre-season games but needs to wait for a 6 weeks before he can be an all time starter or bench player.  Goodell said in a press conference that the 6 weeks was not a sure thing and could varry between 1-6 weeks.  Now the public is saying that he has been punished enough but honestly I dont think it's a punishment at all.  Roger Goodell knows it has been 2 years since Vick played the fastest and most hard hitting game in North America.  So i believe he is trying to protect Vick.  So guys don't be mad at Goodell because it's not his fault that Vick got in trouble. Its his own and now hes paying for it in the public eye.