I Dreamt the Toronto Blue Jays to Victory?

Ian HunterCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

A miraculous thing happened last night, which yours truly may or may not be responsible for.

I went to bed as the Blue Jays were losing 3-4, only to wake up this morning and discover that they had clubbed the Mariners 11-4.

Could it have been that as I drifted off to dreamland, I was secretly willing them to victory? My, the power of the subconscious mind is impressive.

From what I saw of the first few innings, it was quite the "back and forth" affair. Ricky Romero was a little shaky early on, as he surrendered 10 singles through the first six innings. In fact, Romero gave up more singles than a desperate middle-aged man sitting in perverts row at the local strip jointfor the Canadian readers, just assume that we’re using American Currency with this joke.

Once again, RR Cool Jay did not have his great stuff, but he had the run support to pick up the win.

If you watch the postgame wrap up from the game, you’ll notice that the forgotten art of the shaving cream pie made a return to the Blue Jays clubhouse. Rod Barajas was the target this time, but it’s still unknown who the pie-ee culprit is. He was wearing a Blue Jays hat, so A.J. Burnett can automatically be ruled out.

I personally still don’t understand the shaving cream pie traditionwhy use shaving cream when you can use an edible alternative like whipped cream instead?

I’ve never had the pleasure of having shaving cream thrown in my face, but I’m assuming that it probably doesn’t taste very good or feel great if it gets in your eyes. And another thing is that most shaving creams these days are gels, which you would have to lather up first to get the desired shaving cream effect.

Why not use canned whipped cream which you can just spray into the towel?

Anyway, this is a subject that obviously needs to be delved into further at some point in the future. For now, let’s just celebrate this winbut no shaving cream pies, please.