There Is Only One Clear Choice for Raw GM!

James HensonContributor IJuly 28, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 28:  Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin attends the press conference held by Battle of the Billionaires to announce the details of Wrestlemania 23 at Trump Tower on March 28, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

I have had enough of this guest Nite GM stuff.

There is only one clear choice for GM of RAW, and that is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Who else to bring the attitude back to the WWE and get rid of all this Saturday morning kids stuff they been showing.

I cannot tell you when the last time I watched a whole two-hour show of Raw, and Smackdown with Hardy and CM Punk it's an even bigger baby show. It should be shown on Nick Jr. or Cartoon Network.

What a joke, it has become, Raw with it's crybaby Champions like Cry Baby Orton and Cry Baby Jericho, come on Vince have you lost your touch?

Bring back the Man who tells it like it is, we want STONE COLD AS GM.