The Obligatory "Let's Go Pens!" Post

Corey GallagherContributor IMay 9, 2008

2. Movies - Pittsburgh has Sudden Death. Really, there's nothing more that needs to be said.

3. # of statues of fictional sports heroes: Pittsburgh - 0, Philly - 1. We prefer ours to be real.

4. Other sports teams in the city - too easy

5. Colors - Black and Gold trumps all. Everywhere. And the Penguins made a slight alteration in the gold to make is MORE badass. (Reports that the cloth Mary gave to Jesus was actually a Terrible Towel could not be confirmed.)

6. Years Andy Van Slyke was in town: Pittsburgh - 8, Philly - 1.

7. Television - Pittsburgh has Mr. Rogers. That's right: Mr.-freaking-Rogers. Philly? They have the opening song in the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". You know, the show about a city so rampant in crime that a rapper had to move away. (I would like a chicken sandwhich, to go. Anyone? Anyone?)

8. Food - Our staple (Primanti's) isn't overrated.

9. # of Pensblogs dedicated to your team: Pittsburgh - 1, Philly - 0. Seriously, if you are not reading this site you are missing out.

10. Billy Tibbetts once punched an opposing player on the bench. Roberts, Laraque, and Gill think he's a pansy.

There you go. 10 clearly solid reasons why Pittsburgh will win this series. Not much more to say but...