The Loss Of Kitwana Jones: A Big Mistake By The Roughriders Organization

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IJuly 28, 2009

Before the season started, the Saskatchewan Roughriders traded LB/DE Kitwana Jones to the Edmonton Eskimoes for quarterback Juan Joseph. Kitwana Jones would be a huge help right now for the Riders since Carlos Armour and John Chick both went down to injury. John Chick is a huge loss for the team as he seperated his shoulder and will be out for awhile. Kitwana would be a great player to have to be able to back the seaming injury prone defensive end, but instead, all the Riders got is a no good quarterback who got cut.

According to the team, they let him go for salary cap reasons and because he is to small to be a defensive end and to slow to be a linebacker. To me, Kitwana is one of those swing men who can play anywhere, and is worth his money just on special teams. He is always the first one to the returner and almost always makes the tackle. With both Armour and Chick out, Jones would be the perfect person who could fit in to either sub in for Mullinder on the line, or sub in for Tad Kornegay at linebacker.

Despite all these things, what I think the Riders miss the most with Kitwana Jones is his heart. Every time he hit the field he was fired up. He was always jumping around getting other people fired up, it was like he had an electrical cord plugged into him the whole time.

Something I have noticed with the Riders defense this season, is after a few big plays by the other team, they always look down and sad, like they have lost all fire. Last season, Kitwana Jones and Mo Lloyd were always the ones staying fired up and making everyone else that way too. This year, Stevie Baggs seams to be the only player on the Riders defense who is always giving his all and tries to light that fire.

Being a veteran presence, player of multiple positions, killer on special teams and fan favorite, the Roughriders could definitely use number 46, Kitwana Jones back on their roster.