Call For a Ban On Local Yellow Flags In Formula 1

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Call For a Ban On Local Yellow Flags In Formula 1
(Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

NASCAR has long been criticized for it's use of yellow flags. They do seem a bit hasty with them like in the first lap at Indy last weekend. However they haven't had too many drivers killed from debris either. The marshal's need to take notice of debris on the track so horrid accidents like Felipe Massa's do not happen again.

Over the years I have watched the drivers race thru' debris and like many all I was worried about was the driver cutting a tyre. Massa's accident brought the danger of the situation into a razor sharp clarity that it poses for these guys.

I think I can stand a lap or two at reduced speed if it keeps these guys alive and healthy. Sign this petition to ban local yellows and to enforce new rules for full course yellows to clear debris.

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