The Deaf and Blind Leading NASCAR into the Future

Sam HeganCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

CONCORD, NC - JANUARY 22:  NASCAR President Mike Helton (L) and CEO/Chairman Brian France speak with the media during the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Lowe's Motor Speedway at the NASCAR Research and Development Center January 22, 2009 in Concord, North Carolina.  (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR )

I am wondering if Brian France and Mike Helton are both deaf. I read article after article about the fans constantly complaining about the direction NASCAR has taken. Therefore, I have concluded that the management of NASCAR is all deaf.

I know they must have a hearing problem, but do they also have a sight problem as well? Low attendance at the tracks should have made them question some of their bad decisions. Maybe they are blind as well as deaf?

Maybe NASCAR management has some kind of selective hearing issue that makes their decisions so bad. They seem to be able to hear an insignificant issue like the Mayfield problem. Yet they can’t see the fact that TV audiences are leaving in droves, so maybe it is a selective hearing problem.

Please let it be something like hearing or sight issues. Nobody could be that bad at managing auto racing’s most popular series to the point that they are losing TV audiences and the all-important old fans.

The fans are screaming at NASCAR to do something to bring our favorite sport back to prominence. I have no clue as to NASCAR management’s issues, but they need to do more than an easy fix. They really need to listen to the fans that made NASCAR what it is today.

Big Bill France, Sr. and his son Bill France, Jr. are both gone, so it is your problem now Brian. Do you claim to be deaf and blind, or will you step up to the plate and talk with the fans?

We are here Mr. France, screaming at the bad decisions and discussing what NASCAR needs to do. You don’t have to go very far to get honest feedback and not backside smooching. A few good decisions real soon might bring your needed fans back.

Do nothing Brian and lose your fan backbone. We are getting fed up with how NASCAR is being run. Return the series back to its original concept. Make it unique again and we will return and bring some new fans with us. That is a promise from me to you.

We really want real “Stock” looking cars racing again and not that COT (Crap On Tires) joke that you are pushing on us. NASCAR needs to bring in current production car technology and do away with outdated 1966 rules.

Please Brian France, we are begging you to listen to the fans for a change. Your advisors aren’t listening to us either and their advise is pushing us away from NASCAR.

The original NASCAR was organized to protect the racers from greedy shiftless promoters that would steal the gate receipts and leave the winning drivers penniless. Have you become that promoter Brian?

The early days of racing sponsors weren’t very hard to find. It was a huge privilege to sponsor a car. The sponsors received a lot for the money spent in the exposure they received during a race. Why is there such a problem finding sponsors for the teams?

Maybe if there were a lot less TV commercials during the race, both the sponsors and the fans watching the race at home would feel that they were getting a better deal.

When sponsors pay to have their product name on a car, it would be a smart idea to keep the cameras on the cars. If the cameras were on the cars instead of a commercial, the fan might feel more apt to buy those products.

You know Brian, this concept worked very good until TV coverage changed a few years back. I don’t know who is reaping the huge money the sponsors are now paying to broadcast their TV commercials, but it isn’t the race teams.

I am afraid there is a lot more going on with the NASCAR management. Being deaf and blind doesn’t cover where the sponsor money is going. I know NASCAR isn’t receiving the money. That would be a huge conflict of interest if that were happening.

Another thing I don’t understand Brian, why are the sponsors that can’t sponsor a team’s car now sponsoring the race that same car is in? Surely there is some kind of mistake happening. The sponsors are supposed to be sponsoring the teams, not the race itself.

If you are both deaf and blind Brian, we will forgive you. If you are just arrogant and refuse to start over again, then the loss of NASCAR is on your head.

If you are destroying NASCAR because of personal greed, I hope somebody figures a way to oust you.

NASCAR needs a leader that can move the sport into the future without destroying the past. You are the leader and what you say and do will dictate how the fans respond.

Your friend Tony George is out at Indy and the IRL due to his unbending ways. You should pray that your time isn’t coming for you to leave NASCAR. Being unbending and not willing to ask your fans what we want will surely doom you as well.

Fixing NASCAR shouldn’t be hard for smart people to figure out. If you plan to run NASCAR the same old way, then you will be in big trouble very soon.

The fans will not stay with a mediocre racing series where the focus has shifted away from the cars. Brian, this is automobile racing, not dancing with the stars.

If another series comes along that adheres to NASCAR’s original concept and entices your better drivers to cross over, NASCAR is doomed. That should never happen Brian and if you can’t make the decisions necessary to bring NASCAR back, then you Brian and all of your deaf, blind, and greedy cronies should pack up and leave.

I hear Formula 1 needs a deaf, blind, arrogant, greedy prick to replace the old one there, so maybe you should apply.