You Said What!? 25 Predictions For The 2009 Season

Tyler LittleContributor IJuly 28, 2009

So, with the season kickoff right around the corner, I think it's time to start posting some predictions for the 2009 season that will have people going crazy. But, they will happen.

1) Florida will not play in the National Title game. They will lose two games.

2) Cal will finish on top of the Pac-10, possibly tied with USC.

3) USF will beat Miami.

4) Florida State will win the ACC but will lose to Florida and UNC and be knocked out of national title talk.

5) Ohio State will play for the national title, against Oklahoma.

6) Illinois will be 3rd in the Big Ten behind Ohio State and Penn State.

7) Notre Dame will not make a BCS game.

8) Utah will lose three games and everyone will make fun of them for that.

9) TCU will win their confrence.

10) Michigan will again be the laughing stock of FBS football.

11) ACC will again be recognized as a powerhouse conference with FSU, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and Miami finishing in the top 25.

12) Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech will again cause issues in the Big XII.

13) Bobby Bowden will surpass JoPa in wins when FSU beats Penn St in a bowl game. (n.b. even if they take Bobby's wins away, we know he won those games without the players involved in the cheating)

14) Oklahoma State will fall short of its pre-season hype.

15) After TCU has a 1 loss season, they too will complain about the BCS system.

16) Boise State will not finish in top 10.

17) North Carolina will also flop under the pre-season hype.

18) Oregon will make a lot of noise in the national scene but will have to settle for a lesser-BCS bowl than the national Title game.

19) Texas will get shafted again and not play in the national title game, either.

20) Alabama will win the SEC.

21) Central Michigan will finish in the top 15.

22) Pitt will win the Big East by default of a regular season matchup even though they tied with USF, who they beat.

23) Miami will start the season 2-2 losing to FSU and Oklahoma.

24) Duke will be a surprising force in the ACC this year.

25) Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy will all fail to win the heisman this year.