Is Laker Coach Phil Jackson Lacking on Defense?

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Is Laker Coach Phil Jackson Lacking on Defense?

I was deeply concerned with the way the Lakers play defense..

Men, we can’t beat San Antonio or New Orleans with this type of play.

The Lakers have to tighten things up!!!

I wonder if Phil Jackson teaches and preaches defense?!

I heard once that he doesn’t.

If that’s the case, don’t expect this "bunch of soft sissies" as Larry Bird put it, with his team being rung up with layups in '84 finals, to become champions.

Why did the Suns let D’Antonio go?

Because his no-defense practice in practice philosophy never garnered for them basketball’s most coveted crown.

He doesn’t put a premium on defense, a tested formula for the ages that ultimately turns one into CHAMPION!!!

Phil has to realize his philosophy of not making his players play defense would never work out any more in today's game.

San Antonio, the best team the past 8 years, are built through toughness and defensive mettle.

They have been successful.

I know the Lakers could have won Game 4 in Utah if Kobe had made his foul shots, which he uncharacteristically missed, or a couple of well-executed plays down the stretch. Plus the Jazz Boozer got away with some iffy shovings.

But the bottom line is that the Lakers are negligent and allow the opposition to score, again and again.

Andrew Bynum and Trevor Ariza could come back, but that still won't make them a championship-caliber defensive team unless it all begins with their coach.

Phil, please, it's all in your hands now.

The play of the team on the court reflects your personality and how you're effective enough in your dealings with these classy gentlemen. 



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