Atlanta Braves Hotter Than Ever

Austin FarissContributor IJuly 28, 2009

The Atlanta Braves are most definitely in the running for a World Championship but they're for sure going to work hard for it.  This upcoming series for the Bravos could be the biggest of the season for them.  They are facing a very talented LA Dodgers team with the best record in baseball, however if the braves can pull out a series win they will be in good shape when they play the hottest team in the majors the Philedelphia Phillies.  Key players for this series is the starting pitchers Brian Mcann and Martin Prado.  Prado on a very good streak could boost the braves to a big win.  So i believe if the Braves Can pull an upset in Mannywood they'll be able to make a good run at the playoffs whether its the wild card or division.