Videogate Defense: Why America Hates the Patriots

Nathan NickellCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2007

IconQuestion: Why does America hate the Patriots?

Answer: Because they're better than your team—and you know it.

America loves to hate the dominators. The New York Yankees. Jeff Gordon. USC. Duke.

And, of course, the Pats.

That much has been proven by the reaction to Videogate. Bill Belichick and his boys have taken more heat in the past week than the Cleveland Browns will take in the next decade.

And why?

Because cheating or not, the Patriots are a damn good football team...but no one wants to accept it.

Everyone's looking for a catch, a reason to cry "Asterisk!"

The bottom line is that it feels good to hate on New England. But that doesn't change the FACT, yes I said FACT, that the Patriots are, and have been for years, the best team in the NFL.

I've read numerous articles on Bleacher Report slamming Bill "Belicheat," as one writer so passionately referred to him, and completely discrediting anything the Patriots have accomplished in recent history.

Get serious. 

Let's assume for a moment that New England really did gain an advantage by "cheating." Can anyone convince me that their team should've beaten the Patriots, but didn't because the Pats stole signs?

I know without a doubt that no one can.

Think of it like this: If steroids hit the home runs for Barry Bonds, why don't the minor leaguers who are busted for 'roids every week hit 60 homers a year?

Filming defensive signals would only help a team in a single game—and it would be almost impossible to steal them quickly enough to inform a quarterback about the defense, much less allow him to change a play.

It doesn't sound to me like the Pats were at a big advantage here.

So, if filming really were cheating, and filming actually was what won the rings for the Patriots...

No. Not quite.

(I won't even mention the fact that not a shred of proof can be found of filming outside of last week.)

If filming won Super Bowls for New England, then expect 31 other teams to start filming by next season—if not next week.

Instead of hoping that their respective teams get better, fans feel the need to bash the frontrunners. Looking for excuses is the hip thing to do.

The quicker Eric Mangini and the rest of America accept that the Pats would've beat the Jets without their "advantage," the better off the sports world will be.