Pete Rose: Reinstated?

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

1985:  Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds swings at the pitch during a MLB game in the 1985 season. ( Photo by: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is seriously considering lifting Pete Rose's lifetime suspension, sources tell the New York Daily News.


The Daily News reports that some of the most influential Hall of Famers are lobbying for Rose's reinstatement. Hank Aaron, when talking with reporters at baseball's Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Sunday, said, "I would like to see Pete in. He belongs there."


During Saturday's meeting of the Hall of Fame's board of directors, members Joe Morgan and Frank Robinson also said they hoped that Selig would lift the sanctions against Rose.


If he were reinstated, Rose would become eligible for the Hall but would be on the Veterans Committee ballot. That means he would have to be elected by his peers. One Hall of Famer told the newspaper, "I know there are still guys who feel strongly against him, and I don't know if that would change even if Selig clears him."