Roger Goodell Keeps Michael Vick In The NFL To Keep Him Out Of The Upstart UFL

Fred NockContributor IJuly 27, 2009

21 Apr 2001:  Michael Vick speaks to representatives from the Atlanta Falcons before the Falcons selected Vick first in the NFL Draft at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/ALLSPORT

So now we know. Micheal Vick will be suspended for the first five games of this season.  This is the judgement handed down by Roger Goodell today.The arguments for and against his reinstatement have already started to fly. On one side there are the chirps and tweets of support from NFL players who support Vick. The other side is made up of Dog lovers and PETA. But put the moral issue aside for a minute because the real reason Mike Vick is back is a business one. This is still the NFL after all.

Roger Goodell just doesn't want Vick in the upstart UFL.  The UFL is a new football league that will begin play this year with four teams and a championship game in Las Vegas.  With Vick this new league would be something to watch, like a car accident. Without him it will fail. It's that simple. 

So the NFL will now have to absorb a lot of bad publicity.  You can bet that PETA has an ad campaign ready to roll out in any city that signs Vick. But he is back. A team may take a chance on him now that the league has.  As the old saying goes 'Any publicity is good publicity', even if it is 'Bad Newz'.