Whats With Sportsman Ship Today In The NBA

Austin FarissContributor IJuly 27, 2009

The confiscated video just recently made public of a young and upcoming college star dunking on Lebron got me thinking.  Lebron gets dunked on and the video is confiscated, Lebron wins a post season game with a buzzer beater and everyone shakes his hand.  A few nights later they lose the playoffs and he's in the locker room before the final scores announced.  Now im not an A student in math but add those 2 instances and you get a sore loser.  

He acts just like what your parents and little league coaches used to preach against.  Lebron should understand the saying "can' win 'em all.  Perhaps the reason Lebron acts the way he does is he was never taught better at a younger age.  Maybe the superstar should have went on to college instead of going straight to the NBA, so he could learn what sportsman ship is all about and grow up a little.