Jermey Mayfield #19 Tisk, Tisk

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Jermey Mayfield #19 Tisk, Tisk
(Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

Jermey Mayfiled is still riding the roller coaster of the drug tests that were administered a few months back.  For those who've been under a rock, Mayfield tested positive for methamphatimiens and 30 minutes later tested negative.  Mayfield was suspended from auto racing indefinetly.  A few days later, another test showed that Mayfield tested positive for the drug.  He then brought allegations out on his step mother of her murdering his father.  When I heard this alleged statement, I thought, "If it was true why is it just now coming out?"  If you ask me, Mayfield is covering his tracks and trying to change the subject.  But Mr. Mayfield, it didn't work so go get cleaned up, go into rehab and hope you can still race in the future.    

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