Turn The Page: Edge a Face

Nate WContributor IJuly 27, 2009

   As we all know, the Rated R Superstar is out with a ruptured achillies tendon.  he will be out for a couple of months.  Even though this is unfortunate for Edge, WWE can turn this into a great storyline.

   At NoC, Chris Jericho brought out Big Show as his mystery partner and retained the unified tag titles.  I feel that they should keep the titles until Edge's return.  When Edge comes back I feel he will be a face for the first time in a long time.  For me this couldn't come any sooner.  I've been a fan of Edge even though he's been a heel. 

  What i feel WWE could do was when they bring back Edge,  they could revamp the tag team divison even more by bringing possibly the greatest tag team of all time.  That's right. EDGE AND cHRISTIAN.  It would bring back the excitement of their old TLC days and I think we fans deserve it.  I know that Christian is the ECW Champ but maybe by the time Edge is back he will be out of there. 

Im not saying this will happen but hopefully WWE will realize that Edge has been heel long enough.  Altough he was great at it, it's time to turn the page.