Green Bay Packers: Jordy Nelson Pick Made Koren Robinson Expendable

Jon MeerdinkCorrespondent IMay 11, 2008

Though Koren Robinson's return to football may have been one of the feel good stories of the 2007-2008 Green Bay Packers, feelings alone apparently weren't enough to keep him around.

When the Packers drafted Jordy Nelson with the 36th pick in the draft, Robinson must have known his days were numbered. A 28-year-old wide receiver with a balky knee and a sketchy past can't be expected to compete with the team's first draft pick, not in the dog-eat-dog world that is today's National Football League.

It also didn't help that Nelson was more or less pegged for Robinson's job from the moment he was drafted. The 6'3'', 217 pound Kansas State product is expected to be a number four receiver right away and may also compete for a kick-returning spot.

In case you'd forgotten, Robinson was one of the top contributors on kick returns and was an occasional performer in the four and five wide receiver sets.

Although it's pretty obvious why Nelson would get the nod over Robinson, it's still too bad that his time in Green Bay had to end the way it did. It really seems like he's made an effort to turn around his life. Robinson will likely get some interest around the league, given that he is only 27.

Teams like the Bengals, who are thin at receiver and are notorious for hiring players with lengthy rap sheets, or the Jaguars come to mind as potential landing places for the former top 10 draft pick. The Jaguars seem like a particularly attractive destination, as Mike Tice currently coaches there and was the head man in Minnesota during Robinson's lone Pro Bowl season.

Whatever the case, it should be every sports fan's hope that Robinson can continue his upward journey out of alcoholism.