Mets Fire Tony Bernazard.

Nick AdamoCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post the Mets will announce the firing of Tony Bernazard within the hour.

Bernazard who has been the center of rumors in which he allegedly took of his shirt and challenged the entire Binghamton Mets team to a fight.

He has also been accused of going on a profanity laced tirade over a seat he wanted, that was currently being occupied by a Diamondbacks scout.

Bernazard is VP for player development and is in charge of the Mets Farm System.

In my opinion not only is this guy a jerk, but he is terrible at his job. our farm system is an embarresment and can be much better.

I look forward to seeing who replaces Bernazard and if Bernazard can ever get a job in an MLB front office again.