Oakland Raiders: Why DHB Will Prove People Wrong

victor minchilloContributor IJuly 27, 2009

First of all DHB has had the toughest start of all NFL rookies so far, he has gotten more criticism than anyone, and has also suffered a hamstring injury which has even drawn more attention on him. I think just how he has handled this; by studying his playbook, working with his coaches while being injured, and NEVER complaining tells us a lot about the kind of player he is. 

I believe that instead of everybody just looking at the stats, why don't you raider haters do some research. No, he didn't have the stats of Crabtree or Maclin, but he didn't get the ball thrown to him nearly as much as they did, and DHB is the only receiver who actually is coming out of a pro style offense and will be able to adjust tot he NFL more quick then the other receiver's. Heyward-Bey also had the worst QB out of the receivers coming out of the draft, but when they did eventually find him a way to get the ball, he did amazing things with it, averaging more YAC than any other receiver.

No one doubts his work ethic, and i believe that that is going to take him far in the NFL already. As of now I am sure you have all heard the little Crabtree incident with the 49ers, and I'm happy it happened, he is already talking about being payed top money and might not sign with the 49ers on time (Singletary should love that.) Even if DHB doesn't have an amazing rookie season i do believe he will help the Raiders spread out the field, and like Tom Cable said, "He will make everyone else on the field a better player."