NFL: How You Know Your Offseason Is Sucking

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IMay 11, 2008

Chiefs fans have had fun with their inordinate amount of draft picks. Patriots fans feel OK with their additions and subtractions. Even the Raiders look like they are a better team, and that is saying something.
Other people, teams, and fans haven't had such a great offseason. Here are a few ways you know that your NFL offseason is sucking:
  1. Rex Grossman is still your starting quarterback.
  2. You're a Bengals fan, but not a bondsman.
  3. You had Pacman Jones in the "NFL Player to get arrested at Lake Travis" pool.
  4. Mel Kiper Jr. says you are having a great offseason.
  5. You are the Senior Senator from the great state of Pennsylvania.
  6. DeSean Jackson is your new go-to receiver.
  7. You're a mustard salesman, and you were hoping to get a boost from the NFL Draft. (Lame "Mayo" Joke)
  8. J! E! T! S!
  9. Two words: Tomase, John.
  10. You know Adarius Bowman, but you're not his dealer.
  11. You're Adarius Bowman.
  12. Matt Leinart didn't help you with any of your kegstands.
  13. (Afraid to insert Marvin Harrison joke)
  14. Your team president didn't even draft a WR. (Lions Fans only)
  15. Mario Manningham beat you in truth or dare.

 16.   You're already looking at this.