Daily dump: It was a lovely weekend to be a moron

Matt TarrContributor IJuly 27, 2009

Between Sarah Palin patting herself on the back for quitting a job, Terrell Owens’ public rant in support of Ookie Vick, and Juan Pablo Montoya’s boneheaded sprint down pit row — it was a banner weekend to be a full-blown idiot in America.

Rarely do we get to see such a convergence of raw, unabashed ninompoopery. Being morons ourselves, it was quite inspiring actually.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson/Vanity Fair

Here’s a cavalcade of links for a Monday morning, featuring the good, the bad and the downright buffoonish:

- Is this ESPN or TASS? The network’s blacklist swells in the wake of Erin Andrews/Peepholegate. (CBS Sports)

- One intrepid blogger has already penciled in Greg Oden as the second-biggest bust in NBA Draft history. Ouch. (The Hoop Doctors)

- Given The World Wide Follower’s horrendous judgment of late (hell, ever), Ted Leshinski offers a timely question: What would Walter Cronkite have thought of ESPN? (Sports PR 101)

- And from the files of the National Enquirer, Tony Romo allegedly dumped Jessica Simpson at an IHOP. Then he pancaked his ass outta there. (Sports Crackle Pop)

- And finally, if those summer movie blues have gotten you down, at least we have this to look forward to: Mike Judge + Jason Bateman + Ben Affleck in full Ted Kaczynski garb = comic gold. Here’s the trailer for “Extract”: