Justin Feagin Dismissed from Team

The WolverineCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

Sophomore slot receiver Justin Feagin was dismissed from the team for an undisclosed rules violation last Thursday evening, according to a statement released by Rich Rodriguez.

It is not yet clear what team rules were broken, but you have to think it was pretty serious since it warranted immediate dismissal from the team. You would think it would be worse than Kevin Grady's DUI arrest and subsequent jail time for violating probation terms and/or Boubacar Cissoko's arrest for disorderly conduct, neither of which warranted dismissal.

It's hard to put a positive spin on these things, but the truth is the loss of Feagin isn't likely to hurt the Wolverines. He played limited minutes last year at the slot and quarterback position. With the arrival of Tate and Denard and Devin and Cornelius next year, his opportunities at QB were numbered, hence the switch to slot receiver.

But Feagin added depth at most. It was unlikely he would ever beat out fellow sophomore slot receiver Martavious Odoms, and with the arrival of stars Jeremy Gallon and Je'Ron Stokes, the competition at the position became even more intense.

We appreciate Justin's contributions to the team in 2008 and wish him the best of luck.